Ubuntu and vncserver

If you have Ubuntu and vncserver, and you’re having problems with the keyboard when connecting from a Windows machine (i.e. the keys you press are not showing correctly in the VNC session), you can quickly solve  by adding the line


at the beginning of the $HOME/.vnc/xstartup file :)

New Support System

As our company grows, we’ve felt the need for rewriting our support procedures, so that a Customer which is in trouble can get a simple and immediate way of contacting our customer care.

Part of this big change is OTRS – Opensource Ticket Request System – a really interesting software that enables us to have a dashboard that can be used as a centralized reference point and as a communication base to our customers. OTRS is also compliant to the ITIL Service Desk guidelines, which we are stuck to.

Sure we will make another success case out of our Service Desk, and have our customers happier too. Cheers!

Google Maps

Perhaps it’s a known thing, but since 2008 Babel has been on Google Maps… today I was lurking around to understand how to fine-tune the location pointer – yes, sometimes Maps is not perfect – and found the statistics page.

I didn’t know they were giving out stats even for Maps, but anyhow it is interesting to understand that “Babel, Pomezia” has been searched on Google Maps 303 times in January 2010… I’m wondering why, as I don’t think we had 303 ‘new’ visitors to our office :)


Wikipedia dice: Alfresco is a free software / open source, open standards, enterprise scale content management system for Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems. Its design is geared towards users who require a high degree of modularity and scalable performance. Alfresco includes a content repository, an out-of-the-box web portal framework for managing and using standard portal content, a CIFS interface that provides file system compatibility on Microsoft Windows and Unix-like operating systems.

Noi lo stiamo usando come repository documentale, contiene tutti i documenti che ci servono ogni giorno, siano essi privati o condivisi con gli altri, i manuali e i documenti di progetto, le foto, il materiale di marketing aziendale, e tutto ciò che ci pare. Permette la ricerca, il versioning, e una quantità di altre interessanti funzioni… e mi sento di dire che va una spada :)

Buone ferie vaunaspada :)

E’ il mio primo post su vaunaspada, e quale momento migliore se non il giorno prima delle ferie estive? :)


Brevemente, quindi, auguro a tutti i lettori e blogger buone ferie… io sarò, anche se solo pochi giorni, su una spiaggia in Sicilia, a rosolarmi ben bene…


Spero di leggere un pò tutti su questo blog, anche -perchè no – i vostri racconti delle vacanze :)


Ancora buone ferie!

A presto,