Clustered Volumes? That’s Logical

With lvm you can create clustered volumes allowing different nodes to mount different lvs on the same vg.

The standard workflow of creating partitions and vgs is:

parted /dev/mapper/datadisk mklabel gpt mkpart 1p "1 -1";
partprobe /dev/mapper/datadisk
pvcreate /dev/mapper/datadiskp1
vgcreate vg_xml /dev/mapper/datadiskp1
vgchange -c y vg_xml

If you get this error creating the LV

# lvcreate -n lv_xml vg_xml -l +100%FREE 
  Error locking on node bar-coll-mta-02: Volume group for uuid not found: gFyARW80mUikvaZafzYz773pLBWqc8etOgVrimSit4OmC98c1cIT0qfZfY3tZRxQ
  Failed to activate new LV.

That’s because one of the cluster nodes can’t see the newly created volume.
Probably the following will solve

#partprobe /dev/mapper/datadisk

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