Create big partitions on Linux

How to create a big (2.7 TB) partition with Redhat Linux?

Using fdisk and a MSDOS partition table won’t let you allocate all cylinders to your primary partition… if you encounter this problem this is the way I did it:

# parted /dev/XXX
(parted)  mklabel
New disk label type?  [gpt]? GPT
(parted) mkpart primary 0 2764G

Doing that way I created ad EFI partition table on my disk /dev/XXX and a primary partion with 2764Gigabytes on it.

Now you can use mkfs and mount it or manage that disk with LVM


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  1. In realtà se dovessimo seguire lo standard GPT si deve creare una partizione anche vouta da 100 MB formattata FAT32

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