I adopted Nautilus-Actions

* New upstream maintenance release.
– debian/control.in:
– New Maintainer (closes: #620570)
– Added Homepage, thanks to jeansch.
– Bump Standards-Version to 3.9.2; no changes required.
– Added nautilus-actions-print manpage; thanks to jeansch.
– Various fix.
– Fixed GPL-2 path according to lintial warning the license used;
thanks to jeansch.
– Removed, not used anymore; thanks to jeansch.


Last upstream here: http://www.nautilus-actions.org/downloads/

This is my build string for svn-builpackage with cowdancer and pbuilder (based on zack command) using file from a remote repository without committing the local changes but you need to add the new files!!
and it only build the package and test it with litian and don’t add a new Debian changelog entry when done

using: svn add

alias svn-btc=”svn-buildpackage –svn-builder=’pdebuild –pbuilder cowbuilder –buildresult ..’ –svn-lintian –svn-noautodch –svn-dont-clean –svn-ignore”

write svn-btc for launch the command

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