Logging a-la-printf with java

My C backgroud make me very unhappy when logging with java. I always have to type

log.info(String.format(“Logging field %s: with value: %d”, field, value));

Today I decide to extend the default log4j logger implementing my log.info & co using java varags.

I created two classes:

CustomLoggerFactory implements LoggerFactory:

  • @implement makeNewLoggerInstance(String name) return new MyLogger(name);

MyLogger extends Logger:

  • private MyLoggerFactory factory = new MyLoggerFactory();
  • @override getLogger(Class clazz)
  • info(String format, Object... params)

Now I can use MyLogger

MyLogger log = (MyLogger) MyLogger.getLogger(getClass());

log.info("Test base:string %s int %d" , "string", 0);

Further info here http://www.beknowledge.com/archives/article/extending-log4j-to-create-custom-logging-components

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