Oracle’s mysql.connector for python

Oracle released a pure-python mysql connector with connection pooling support.

Create a connection pool is really easy. You can try the following snippets in ipython

import mysql.connector

auth = {
"database": "test",
"user":     "user",
"password":     "secret"

# the first call instantiates the pool
mypool = mysql.connector.connect(
pool_name = "mypool",
pool_size = 3,

All the subsequent calls to connect(pool_name=”mypool”) will be managed by the pool

# this won't create another connection
#  but lend one from the pool
conn =  mysql.connector.connect(
    pool_name = "mypool",
    pool_size = 3,

# now get a cursor and play
c = conn.cursor()
c.execute("show databases")

Closing the connection will just release the connection to the pool: we’re not closing the socket!


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