Pharaon of tests – I

Recentryl playing with phoronix-test-suite (aka pts). A wonderful toolkit that provides a lot of benchmarks, eventually downloading and installing the one you need.

Tests include aio-stress, iozone, pbzip2, phpbench and pybench.

Strangely enough I didn’t find a quickstart for custom batch benchmarking. Phoronix provide a batch-setup that’s quite inflexible, so here we are.

Running custom bench is simple and is done via env variables:
1. find the test definition file and get the parameters

# find .phoronix-test-suite/ -path \*iozone\*test-definition.xml

Values are 0 for the first option, 1 for the second and so on.

2. set the values in PRESET_OPTIONS

export PRESET_OPTIONS+=”iozone.test=0″

3. set test name, identifier and description

export TEST_RESULTS_NAME=iozone-$s-${PRESET_OPTIONS//;/_}

4. run the test with

#phoronix-test-suite benchmark pts/iozone

5. get test values in

ls .phoronix-test-suite/test-results/

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