Apple Calendar Server and 389org Directory Server


Welcome to a short guide about binding Apple Calendar Server (ACS) to a 389 Directory Server. Aim of this guide is to point a couple of common pittfalls.


  1. install ACS with default authentication. Remember:
    1. enable user_xattr on your directory
  2. install 389org

Download – the backend written for OpenLdap from

Modify to reflect your attributes (eg I use “mail” instead of “uid”, “nsUniqueId” instead of “entryUUID” ).

I suggest to add some more log and error lines to ldapdirectory to speed up debugging.

Modify your configuration file like

Remember to fix it with your parameter and to DISABLE all authentication types but BASIC-AUTH.

This is because ACS uses MD5-DIGEST by default, making impossible to forward the password to the Ldap Server (see