News for juniors, Stuff that matters

I’ve been asked where a junior sysadmin should start for working with Red Hat stuff. The first thing that comes to my mind is this nice book.

Red Hat System Administration Primier:  explains what’s the sysadmin job, principles of security and social engineering, how an operating system works and how to monitor: processes, I/O, memory. I would skip the printer part ;)

An experienced admin knows where and how to find. An apprentice should fastly learn that too.

While the man is a great source, I would recommend a glimpse to the Red Hat Deployment Guide – mainly to be used as a reference.  If you don’t know how to use Yum and RPM, configure Network Interfaces, start Services and Daemons at boot, configure Web Servers and use Monitoring Tools that’s the right place to go.

This book is divided in several independent chapters. Unless you need to prepare for a certification you could skip the web interface way ;).