Back from MongoDB Essentials Training

This week I joined MongoDB Essentials training in Roma.

Mongo is a fast document oriented database supporting consistency, replication for HA and sharding for scaling read OR writes.

Transactions are at document level, so no joins and isolation levels.

A nice training – covering many database design technologies and giving even a theoretical overview of performance and scalability issues.

Concepts like Working Set, Replication types and issues, Indexes side-effects, Sharding and Hashing were introduced both theoretically and pratically.

Being a class of 10+ people with mixed background (MS, Linux, Oracle) it was hard to squeeze all this theory and practice in 3 days. The instructor asked us the parts we’d like to cover more: we pick Schema Design, Replication and Sharding.
Besides, such a large class give us a lot discussion and networking opportunity: we even created a freenode chatroom!

People interested in the subject can drop me a line and have a look at this github repo

Enjoy! R.