Using http proxies in openshift java projects

To use http proxies with java in openshift you should know:

– that tools like maven don’t honor http_proxy & co environment variables
– that each container image has its own build script (assemble) that does or does NOT take http_proxy into account.

Always check the image documentation if you need proxies:


A general and flexible solution is:

– to provide a configuration/settings.xml in your project, eg.
- pom.xml
- src/
- configuration/settings.xml

– add in settings.xml

openshift interpolates every *PROXY* environment variable stripping stuff, so you may not always be able to do


JBoss images support the following variables via the `assemble` script:


Another solution is to:

– get the assemble from the given image you’re using (different images, different assemble)
– customize it so that it uses environment variables to build a custom settings.xml to be used within the build
– add it to .s2i/bin/assemble

Here’s an example assemble supporting proxies