Fixing oracle agent for RHCS

I just found an issue in the oracle agent for rhcs. If you’re curious, check out here on github.

Essentially existing processes were searched via ps | grep | awk instead of ps | grep.

While grep returns nonzero if nothing matches, awk always returns zero, so the agent always waits the timeout before stopping the resource.

After fixing the script in /usr/share/cluster/ reloading the configuration causes the following error

# cman_tool -r version
/usr/share/cluster/cluster.rng:2027: element define: Relax-NG parser error : Some defines for ORACLEDB needs the combine attribute
Relax-NG schema /usr/share/cluster/cluster.rng failed to compile
cman_tool: Not reloading, configuration is not valid

After reading I just noted that the backup copy of the oracle agent was disturbing the RHCS.

The following chmod seemed to do the trick.

#chmod -x /usr/share/cluster/