S33 the cloud

After all that hype about cloud and Amazon services, I decided to set up a simple S3 server on my laptop. On google code I found little-s3, a funny webapp which implements the s3 protocol and I check it out.

The guide is straightforward and the protocol implemented is mainly a GET/PUT server: a free place for testing your “cloud” infrastructure.

Here are some example methods:

1- create the object foo.html.

curl –data “@foo.html” –request PUT –header “Content-Type: text/html” “http://localhost:8080/littleS3-2.1.0/firstBucket/foo.html”

2- Retrieve an object

curl “http://localhost:8080/littleS3-2.1.0/firstBucket/foo.html”

3- Delete an object
curl –request DELETE “http://localhost:8080/littleS3-2.1.0/firstBucket/foo.html”

4- Delete a bucket
curl –request DELETE “http://localhost:8080/littleS3-2.1.0/firstBucket”