Whipping my Sabayon

These days I’m playing with Sabayon MCS, a live linux distro with MailWare Collaboration.

A live distro is usually an .iso containing a linux hierarchy tree in a compressed squashfs. I was modifying that fs and before committing the changes to the Sabayon repo, I was trying to test the results on a “mock” iso I created with a nice tool named mhddfs.

It’s simply a virtual filesystem made of layered directories. Let’s play with it!
Install mhddfs
# sudo apt-get install mhddfs
Populate a tree
# pushd /tmp;
# mkdir -p a{1,2}/b/c/d{1,2} newfs
# echo a1 > a1/f
# echo a2 > a2/f
# touch a1/b/c/d1/f1
# touch a2/b/c/d2/f2

Mount the new fs on /tmp/newfs
# mhddfs /tmp/a1 /tmp/a2 /tmp/newfs

See what’s happening (exercise for the reader):
# find /tmp/newfs

# cat /tmp/newfs/f

389org on Sabayon

Babel sponsored a Fedora DS release for Sabayon/Gentoo. The work has been done by the Sabayon maintainer lxnay with my support: we involved richm aka Mr. Fedora DS.

This work lead us to discover some issues on the server:

1. the AdminServer – using mod_cgi – plays the dup2/close game to close stdfd: this caused an error on Sabayon but not on Fedora.

  • We discovered that, even if Admin Server requires Apache2 mpm  (multithread), the Fedora  mod_cgi was build using prefork (single-threaded)
  • On Sabayon, like Gentoo,  you have to compile from scratch all packages, so you’re not supposed to mix prefork/mpm, and the mod_cgi was compiled in a multithread environment.
  • obviousily the dup2/close game won’t fit on multithread environment, because will close the fds of the main process (and not the child’s one)
  • further info on http://www.spinics.net/lists/fedora-directory/msg11697.html
2. the 389org schema files dropped the ldap aliases: we filed a bug and now they’re recovering them.