What the wsdl does it mean?

One of the most annoying part of writing a webservice app is “translating” the wsdl. Well, I found this heavenly gift on the web

$ws = "http://www.xmethods.net/sd/2001/TemperatureService.wsdl";
$client = new SoapClient($ws);

it retrieves the wsdl (the messy xml describing the webservices) and reports a nice list of function prototypes

string(60) "int calendar.getActionTimestamp(string $uid, int $timestamp)"
string(75) "int calendar.import(string $content, string $contentType, string $calendar)"
string(56) "string calendar.export(string $uid, string $contentType)"
string(69) "string calendar.exportCalendar(string $calendar, string $contentType)"
string(36) "boolean calendar.delete(string $uid)"
string(75) "boolean calendar.replace(string $uid, string $content, string $contentType)"
string(42) "UNKNOWN calendar.eventFromUID(string $uid)"
string(50) "boolean calendar.updateAttendee(UNKNOWN $response)"

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